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Per the new law passed in January of 2015, same sex marriage is now legal in Florida. Florida courts soon found they also had to review requests for same sex divorce. Florida residents who had been married in other states did not wish to return to those states and wait for the residency requirement to be met to obtain a divorce in the state they were married. The same sex marriage couple has to prove the marriage is broken beyond repair or the other spouse is mentally incapacitated – the same qualifications and benefits that traditional married couples have, such as equal distribution of assets in divorce.

The step-parent adoption process also works for same sex couples to adopt, as their marriage is now recognized as legal in Florida. Same sex parents are advised to go through the step-parent adoption process to legalize parental rights, if this has not been done. Fort Myers’ Family Law Attorney, Mellany Marquez-Kelly, will be happy to take your call for a FREE half-hour initial consultation if divorce or adoption is desired. Attorney Marquez-Kelly understands how this works in Florida, which makes either process as easy as possible for you.

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Before I retained Mellany,  I was getting nowhere with my first lawyer.  My kids were being kept from me,  and every time I went to court,  I would lose.  After I retained Mellany,  we immediately got started on the things I needed to do. When it was over,  I received full custody of my 8 year old and 1 year old. I went from having my kids kept from me to be a father with full custody. Mellany has a great,  confident presence in the courtroom.  She made me not feel nervous and made me feel confident that she would get the judge to see the truth,  and she did. I would definitely recommend Mellany Marquez-Kelly.

Tony S

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