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Meeting the challenges of Family Law matters requires compassionate and practiced family law advocacy. It is difficult for most people to even bring these matters to the attention of an attorney, sharing what are usually very personal matters. The trustworthy, experienced team at Mellany Marquez-Kelly understand just how difficult this can be for you, and will work with you for a successful outcome to your family law issues, starting with a free half-hour initial consultation.


Although the federal government directs a comprehensive structure regarding adoption law, Florida has its own specific statutes that also govern the adoption process, and Mellany Marquez-Kelly will assist you in understanding your rights and options from beginning to end.

Child Custody

The process of determining parenting time Fort Myers schedules and temporary parenting time Cape Coral starts with getting to know the client’s wishes, strengths, and everything possible about the children’s specific needs. Many factors apply in determining both the outcome of a time-sharing arrangement and parental responsibility, as set forth in Florida Statute 61.13. Examples of these factors include physical and mental health of each parent, cultural considerations, interaction with extended family members, stable home environment, age of the child, other siblings in the household, the child’s wishes, if old enough, and many more.

Child Support & Alimony

Child support cases tend to be emotional and confusing. In best-case scenarios, both parents want what is best for the child/children. The problem is, many parents disagree on what is “best.” Luckily, we have the court as a third party to help decide and rule on specific regulations that should be set in place to make sure the child/children are taken care of to the best of both parents’ capabilities.

Domestic Violence and Injunction Attorney

Florida judges qualify a domestic violence injunction based on many factors and variables. Chief among these, for example, is if the accused abuser has threatened you with any kind of weapon or used physical restraint in preventing you from contacting authorities or leaving your home.

Paternity Issues

Paternity cases can cover a large range of issues, including biological versus legal parentingvisitationcustody, and much more. Marquez-Kelly Family Law knows that paternity issue resolution needs to have the child or children’s best interests put first for optimal outcomes of all parties involved.

Relocation / Change of Domicile

Putting the child/children’s best interests first is at the heart of the relocation or change of domicile ruling. Expert Family Law Attorneys, like the Mellany Marquez-Kelly Firm, must present Family Law Judges with evidence of key determination components. Chief among determining factors is the concern that the non-custodial parent will be able to maintain a parenting relationship.

Minor Child Guardianship

Mellany Marquez-Kelly can make the process of establishing a minor guardianship as streamlined and painless as possible. Securing a safe, secure, and caring home for a minor is a process protected by federal and state statutes. A guardianship is a legal relationship assigned by the court to a person who will make decisions for the minor, considered a ward of the court.

Separation Agreement

Family Law courts address separation agreements if parents are not able to reach agreement on issues that coincide with separation, such as parenting time, child support, etc. Florida does not have laws that recognize separation as a legal status, as such.   A couple desiring legal status recognition of their physical separation will use other state laws to define legal solutions.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements

In all cases, both marriage partners must fully disclose all their assets and liabilities prior to signing any agreement in order for it to be valid and enforceable. Having a credible Family Law Attorney, such as Marquez-Kelly Family Law, is critical to ensure all conditions have been met and the contracted agreement is legally binding.

Modification of Custody / Child Support / Alimony

A professionally experienced Family Law AttorneyMellany Marquez-Kelly, can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system in reaching any modification determination that is fair and will protect your rights. In any court related event involving children or means of living, Melany Marquez-Kelly understands the high stakes and emotions involved and will commit her time to making sure you and your family are properly taken care of.

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Before I retained Mellany,  I was getting nowhere with my first lawyer.  My kids were being kept from me,  and every time I went to court,  I would lose.  After I retained Mellany,  we immediately got started on the things I needed to do. When it was over,  I received full custody of my 8 year old and 1 year old. I went from having my kids kept from me to be a father with full custody. Mellany has a great,  confident presence in the courtroom.  She made me not feel nervous and made me feel confident that she would get the judge to see the truth,  and she did. I would definitely recommend Mellany Marquez-Kelly.

Tony S

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