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An adoption journey is an amazing experience and usually has all the ups and downs of any life-changing journey. On top of the lengthy and sometimes confusing legal process, intense emotions are also involved in adoption cases. Every party involved understandably wants to be sure they are receiving the best possible outcome that leaves the parents and the child happy and healthy. For most people, just the complexity of Florida adoption laws can be mind-boggling. People involved in the adoption process deserve the help of someone who is experienced and will provide the best possible counsel for them, which is why the friendly, astute assistance of an experienced Family Law Attorney like Mellany Marquez-Kelly will help you have the best, personalized outcome for your adoption. Although the federal government directs a comprehensive structure regarding adoption law, Florida has its own specific statutes that also govern the adoption process, and Mellany Marquez-Kelly will assist you in understanding your rights and options from beginning to end.

With changing marital relationships, surrogacy adoption, relative adoption, adult adoption, etc., clear direction from a trusted, experienced legal counsel is an absolute must. The state of Florida allows for certain situations in adoption cases that differ from federal adoption laws, and this understandably leads to much confusion for those who are inexperienced with federal and state adoption laws. Florida adoption law allows for single parent adoption, for example, if other conditions are met. While many adoptions are done through agencies, it is also possible to adopt without an agency by establishing an independent contract with the birth mother/parents. In a closed adoption, on the other hand, an agency selects the adoptive parents based on specifications and qualifications. Adoption cannot be completed unless birth parents give up all legal rights to the child.

There are some specific laws surrounding this rule, such as a biological mother not being allowed to sign her consent for adoption until 48 hours after the child’s birth. In Florida, you can also adopt older children or an adult, but anyone over the age of twelve must give their consent. In the case of an adult adoption, the legal necessity for consent of the biological parent/parents is waived. A married person may also adopt individually without their spouse if the court approves; this is typical for a case where a stepparent is adopting their already legal child if the biological parent gives their consent to relinquish their legal rights to the child. As of 2010, it is also legal for same-sex couples to adopt. Given that the individual or couple passes background checks, home inspections, and other legal requirements, any adult living and working in the state of Florida has the right to adopt.

No matter your specific situation, whether you are a single parent, stepparent, relative, etc., Mellany Marquez-Kelly will be able to assist and guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. With proper counsel, an adoption journey can be a positive and joyful experience.

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Before I retained Mellany,  I was getting nowhere with my first lawyer.  My kids were being kept from me,  and every time I went to court,  I would lose.  After I retained Mellany,  we immediately got started on the things I needed to do. When it was over,  I received full custody of my 8 year old and 1 year old. I went from having my kids kept from me to be a father with full custody. Mellany has a great,  confident presence in the courtroom.  She made me not feel nervous and made me feel confident that she would get the judge to see the truth,  and she did. I would definitely recommend Mellany Marquez-Kelly.

Tony S

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