Domestic Violence and Injunction Attorney
in Fort Myers

Florida judges qualify a domestic violence injunction based on many factors. Chief among these, is if the accused abuser has threatened you with any kind of weapon, or used physical restraint in preventing you from contacting authorities or leaving your home. You do not have to suffer any physical harm to succeed with having a domestic violence injunction against the accused. The judge has to believe you are in imminent threat of domestic violence. Abuse can be sexual, emotional, physical or economic, such as leaving you without any money for your needs.

Domestic violence in Florida is when the petitioner (accuser) and respondent (accused) have a child in common or have lived together at some time in their relationship. Other restraining orders can be petitioned with report of dating violence, sexual violence and repeat violence, and the laws are specific as to how these are defined, including time limit or occurrence frequency.   With her successful experience with domestic violence matters, Mellany Marquez-Kelly of Marquez-Kelly Family Law, is a clear choice when needing protection.

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