Experience, Trusted Adoption Attorney in Fort Myers Florida

An adoption journey is an amazing experience, and usually has all the ups and downs of any journey. Just the complexity of Florida adoption laws can be mind-boggling, which is why the friendly, astute assistance of an experienced Family Law Attorney like Mellany Marquez-Kelly will help you have the best, personalized outcome for your adoption. Although the federal government directs a comprehensive structure regarding adoption law, Florida has its own specific statutes that also govern the adoption process.

With changing marital relationships, surrogacy adoption, etc., clear direction from experienced legal counsel is a must. Florida adoption law allows for single parent adoption, for example, if other conditions are met. It is possible to adopt without an agency, by establishing an independent contract with the birth mother/parents. Adoption cannot be completed unless birth parents give up all legal rights to the child. In a closed adoption, an agency selects the adoptive parents. In Florida, you can also adopt older children or an adult. A stepparent can also adopt the child of his or her spouse.

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